How to achieve greatness by a fellow violinist

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“Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman”. This was stated by Ludwig Van Beethoven,undeniably a great musician who spent his life time composing music on the piano. He devoted his life to music from his first composition to his death at age 56. There are many today who aspire to become great musicians but aren’t aware of what steps to take to do so. For one who aspires to grow in the musical world of the violin, one must do regular daily practice, acquire a tutor or mentor, specializing in the subject, and possess the passion and commitment to keep advancing and improving.

One of the first steps on the path to success on the violin, one must do regular daily practice. According to, they state,”Independent practice is any given amount of time, large or small, that your child spends practicing completely on their own without your correction input, direction or nagging”. Independent practice is a type of practice and is one of the most important factors in the success in that field. It allows the child to explore things on their own and aids in the development of their musical skills. It also helps the child develop the abilities of self study which is crucial when in college and high school. According to, they state in their article that spending more time practicing is not an efficient way to master a musical instrument and instead, working on the most difficult areas in a piece and going through it slowly and deliberately is a better strategy to musical success. Based on the information provided from these two websites, we can see that, practice is important to in on a musical path but excessively doing it has no benefit to your playing skills, in fact it is better to go through the piece and ry to master the difficult parts and do deliberate practice where you are actually making progress instead of obscene practice. By doing regular daily practice and independent practice, it is the key to opening your first door towards being great.

Not only should you do regular daily practice, one should also obtain a tutor to guide the way along your journey. Annabel Action from forbes states,” A good mentor inspires you, stretches you, develops your EQ, opens your mind, and most importantly, doesn’t judge”. Based on the information provided above, it is concludable that, mentors are essential to achieving success because they can not only teach you the ropes, but also makes sure you have the right mindset. With the right mindset and guidance, your abilities can be unimaginable with what you can do with the violin.

In addition to regular practice and tutoring, one of the most important tips of all is to possess the passion and commitment to keep advancing your skills.”The reason your music can succeed is because of your passion… If you are filling your life with excuses as to why your music dreams are not happening, simply start to fuel the flame of your music with passion instead”. This quote from talks about the importance of passion in your work. Passion is the feeling of enthusiasm to something. The more enthusiasm you have on a subject, the more we will try to work towards getting better. Passion is one of the most important traits in succeeding because it not only makes you learn to appreciate what you do, but also drive you forward to keep going.

Moreover, tips to advance to an elite violinist consist of regular daily practice, amassing a tutor, and maintaining inspiration and zest. Problems and difficulties may occur along the journey, but with your new-learned abilities, any wall, no matter how large is conquerable!



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