“Thank you Poverty” essay gets student into China’s Harvard

The lack of material brings about two kinds of results: one is the extreme poverty of the spirit, and the other is the extreme filling of the spirit.

Wang Xinyi

Wang Xinyi is a poverty stricken girl who wrote an essay thanking poverty that got her admitted into Peking University. Her essay brings tears to the eyes of woman, while striking fire in the heart of man. In this essay, she thanks poverty for helping her realize true happiness and satisfaction as well as emphasize the importance of knowledge.

“In the world of children, there are not so many worries and heavy words. The truth of the first time facing poverty and life was at the age of eight. That year, he was diagnosed with breast cancer.My calm life was like a stone cast on the lake, that was suddenly crushed. My family is anxious, but it is difficult to make ends meet. The sly life is like a candle destined to be extinguished, slowly weakening and burning until the last light is lost.” This quote from Wang’s essay describes the situation of their family when cancer struck and threatened to take the life of Wang’s impoverished grandmother. This tragic memory of her past shaped Wang’s perspective of money.

”Money…gives us the most basic guarantee of life, and it allows us to do our best to keep those precious people and things. And these also made me sensitive to the fact that life has just unraveled her veil.” From this grievous incident (of the death of Wang’s grandmother), it shows how Wang realized the significance of money in our lives and how having a lack of it, can bring great despair and difficulty in an individual’s survival.

“Thank you, poverty, you have allowed me to get in touch with the beauty and wonder of nature and enjoy the blessings and blessings of heaven. I am a child of the land, and I am deeply in love with the solid and simple yellow land under my feet; I walked from the humble, and also took the nutrients of life from the humble…Thanks to poverty , you make me believe in the power of education and knowledge. The lack of material brings about two kinds of results: one is the extreme poverty of the spirit, and the other is the extreme filling of the spirit. And I, choose the latter. I am from a family that is ordinary but full of obsession with education and knowledge. My mother said that this is a road to a wider world. Since then, the belief that knowledge can change fate is deeply rooted in my heart.”This excerpt from Wang Xinyi’s essay shows the gratitude she has toward being in poverty as well as its impact on her life and spirit.

“The light from truth and wisdom finally illuminates my childish and ignorant heart through the deep smog. Poverty may shake many beliefs, but it makes me more obsessive about the power of knowledge.” This quote from Wang’s essay shows how obsessive she is over knowledge and how much she values it. This can be supported by the fact that she has won many awards such as first place in the National Middle School Students Basic Knowledge and Innovation ability Competition at the provincial(state) level, second place in National Middle School Physics Competition at the provincial (state) level, and second prize in the National Middle School Chemistry Competition at the provincial(state) level.

“ I am still a girl full of curiosity and imagination. I like to look up at the sky, the endlessly thorough blue, and let all the dust in my heart go calm. I want to tease the flowers and plants, the gift and blessing of nature, and try to spend more time to appreciate it. I am a daydreamer. It is the exploration of the soul and the search for the self. My thoughts are soaring and diving, leading me to a faraway distance. I like to fly like this, to be with my soul, to travel with my heart.” This quote from Wang’s essay shows that Wang has a lot of appreciation for nature and has many ideas in her mind. It shows that she is a very curious and bright person.

“Thanks to poverty , you give me endless hopes and never let go. Farmers know that when they are planted, they bury their seeds in the soil and step on them. The first time I went to plant, I was also very surprised. How can the seedlings break out of the ground? But my mother told me that the soil pines and the seedlings will not come out. If they encounter solid soil before breaking the soil, the seedlings will grow stronger. When I grew up, when I remembered these words again, I realized that I was just like this.”In this paragraph of Wang Xinyi’s essay, she compares herself to a seed.

Opinion on Poverty and Analysis of the Essay

Like Wang Xingyi, in the excerpt from her essay in the fourth paragraph, growing up, my household didn’t have much extra money laying around. Thus, leading to the lack of many toys and movies. With today’s fast moving world, poverty helps me embrace the wonders of our world and appreciate the beauty of nature. For those in poverty, the effects of it on people’s personality are the misery and the lack of happiness in one’s spirit, or the abundance of happiness in one’s soul. For me and Wang, we both choose the latter. People like us, understand more clearly than others, that money cannot buy happiness and happiness can oftentimes be a choice. A choice to believe in the good aspect of a situation, or the bad aspect. A piece of advice to others in unfortunate situations from me and the essay is,”Take what life throws at you. Make the best of it.”

In the seventh paragraph of this article, where it provides an excerpt from Wang’s essay comparing her and a seed and how having poverty as an obstacle in her life for many deeds and events, strengthened her as a person. When people encounter obstacles in their path, they often rise stronger than those who don’t conquer this setback. Or in other words, minor setbacks lead to great comebacks. For many of us, we all have obstacles in our lives that prevent us from reaching our goal. In many cases, lack of resources or poverty, are the biggest obstacles that stand in our way. In being able to grow and learn from poverty is a deed not often seen.

Poverty inevitably impacts and crumbles the lives of many. Many people conceive it as a formidable condition to be in. But for a change, as poverty shapes the lives of many, someone stands up and shakes a hand with the spirit of impoverishment. As a person who has experienced poverty growing up, when reading Wang Xinyi’s essay, when reading her essay, people like me feel a sense of relatability and view poverty through a different lens. For many poverty-stricken people, a small population, including myself, can agree on this quote:”Poverty brings more than pain, struggle and confusion. Although it narrows my vision, stabbed my self-esteem, and even indirectly took the life of my loved ones, I still want to say, ‘thank you, poverty’.”

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