The significance of Science and Math

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Science and math, the foundation of our knowledge of the world, and the basis of our understanding of our society. These particular subjects are puzzles designed to astound our brains and add to our understanding of the big picture, our world and society as a whole. It is these puzzles, that have deep influence on our society. These puzzles teach us valuable lessons that cannot be found elsewhere. It is for these reasons, and through understanding these subjects, it can be revolutionary in changing our society to become a better place.

Science, the study of our universe and every organism/process; no matter how small an organism exists within it. Math, the study of the use of numbers and operations to calculate patterns, problems, and or either prove or disprove a conjecture. These fields of knowledge are integrated into our lives, whether we know it or not. Every move and every action we do, can be explained with science. Math comes into play by calculating the amount of something used in our every move or action. These two subjects create the basis of everything in life and provide a detailed explanation of how, what, and why it all happens. It is because of these deep connections with our world today, that when our knowledge in these areas grows more advanced, it improves our society and world altogether.

I view life as a mystery: a puzzle that can never be solved without the human influence to build the big picture. In my case, with each new problem I become lost in my own world of puzzles, pondering what to do next while trying to find the right pieces to put together to solve it. It is in this process that we learn something new. Yet, these puzzles will never have an end. They require meticulous observation sometimes in the most unexpected of places to discover something original. The distinguishing trait of math and science from other subjects is that the knowledge gained in them can be used anywhere. We can apply these concepts into our daily lives by using them as the basis of new inventions and make them be of use to humans. Thus, it develops our society through advances in science and math.

In my case, I study these subjects for their intellectual challenge, learning their deep connections with our world, and the valuable lessons they teach with each encounter. I study these subjects to encourage and show others the beautifully designed puzzles that these subjects create and to show that these branches of knowledge should be valued. Because the knowledge gained from these two subjects are in any aspect of our society, they can ultimately help our world progress in its advancement to success. By learning math and science, I hope to use my knowledge to bring our world to a new dawn, by improving the understanding of our society, and unlocking more knowledge with every puzzle I solve on each step of the way.



Hi! I'm Annie, a high school sophomore and coding enthusiast.

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