Will Humanity Reach the Time When there will be no more Technological Advancement?

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As our society becomes increasingly content with its state of being, our world slowly but surely, shows signs of declining efficiency in innovation.

Although technology has progressed this far, some sources argue whether or not it will reach the point of no more advancement. According to Vinge from wordpress.com, he states,” In the absence of physical disaster, I suspect that technological progress will continue for some time,” Vinge said,“So far, so good.” But then he went on: “After that, it might be impractical for us mere humans to assess the nature of future progress”. As we can observe, there are a handful of people beginning to predict the halt of the further development of technology.

According to aeon.com, although our generation is said to live in the “golden age” of advancement, in America at least, that time period spanned from about 1945 to 1971. From what is stated, the “Golden Age” has already passed for nearly half a decade! Our generation has been enjoying the fruits of the inventions created by our predeccessors.

“Conflict spurs innovation” as Michael Hanlon from Aeon states. During the Space Race in the 1950s, the two dominating figures of the world, the U.S. and the Soviet Union, competed against each other to demonstrate superiority in space exploration and flight. It was during this time period that both sides launched space satellites and the U.S. landed on the moon. The U.S.’s achievement to reach the moon gained it its’ place as the leading nation in the world.

In retrospect, the exponential growth of the U.S. truly was magnificent. No one ever dared to object to its wishes. Unfortunately, this growth has dwindled.

”Apollo couldn’t happen today, not because we won’t want to go to the moon, but because the risk would be unacceptable” (Hanlon). When there is too great of a risk in making a new discovery, people cowardly avoid it and try to be content with what’s already on their plate.

In my opinion, the expansion of technology is endless. Regardless of how much the rate of new advancements of technology has decreased, there will always be room for more. Although it will get harder and harder to make new inventions that are able to be useful and top the current inventions, these inventions will always have flaws. Each new invention, no matter how good it is, will always have flaws. Technological advancement may not always be about creating new inventions, but also about improving on our present inventions. For example, currently, according to the website used above(aeon.com), the golden age of technological advancement has already passed and improvements are decreasing over the years, one invention that we can improve on is the automobile, also known as the car. Nowadays, cars run on petroleum which makes greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide which is destroying our ozone layer which leads to global warming. This is an example of a flaw that we can improve on. According to reuters.com, they state that in the future, cars will run on electricity and will be autonomous. This will be an improvement on cars from today and is an example of a flaw we can fix and a technological improvement.

We are still back to the question: Will technological advancement come to a halt? I can safely assure you, that so long as this roof shuts out the sky, the youth will forever be content with their place in the universe, and so will our technological advancement.

There will always be ups and downs at the rate of technological advancement and we are at a plateau where the rate is slowing down. This period of time is similar to when, according to aeon.com,“…in 1900, Lord Kelvin declared physics to be more or less over, just a few years before Einstein proved him comprehensively wrong (with his new theories). ” When we’ve reached the end of our plateau, there will be a sudden breakthrough of a technological advancement that will lead to many more because the advancement of technology is endless. Regardless how advanced technology has reached, advancement will always find its way into our lives if we make an effort to do so. In my opinion, technology will never reach a point of no more advancement. Nevertheless, the halt in technology which some people predict may occur in their predictions but from my perspective, it will not halt, rather it will keep getting better though the rate of it may be unpredictable.

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